Are you struggling with your Life Purpose or Path?

what is your Soul’s urge? 

When I turned 50, I began the stages of Graves, Thyroid Eye Disease, call it a Dark night of the Soul if you will…  I was clearly being guided to do something else with my life, and I wasn’t listening!!!  

For 20yrs after starting my Souls Path with Reiki & Deep Cellular Healing, I kept trying to build a MLM company. By 50 my body gave up on me and pushed me to SEE the real Big Picture of how my life needed to change!

That MLM business was NOT my calling.

My life changed to helping women, Empty Nesters, lead a more fulfilling Life, healing and transforming their lives for the better to lead their soul’s purpose as well.

Having the help of our ArchAngels, Divine Guidance, Energy Healing, Mindset Mastery, Meditation & Numerology, we are able to make that change in the world we live.💖💖💖

Trina Dawn Johnson

Certified Mind, Body Spirit &
Invoking the ArchAngels Practitioner

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Mind, Body, Soul Courses & Sessions

  • Life Coaching 1-1
  • Sexy Spirit School (6 Week)
  • Reiki 1-3 & Masters
  • Deep Cellular Healing Belief Re-patterning
  • Chakra Balancing & Healing
  • Get Your Sexy Back Program
  • Personalized Workout Programs

  • Retreats

    Some of what you may experience during a retreat:

  • Yoga
  • Mind Body Spirit
  • Connection
  • Meditation
  • Angels
  • Fun
  • Adventure
  • Amazing food and more!

    SEXY SPIRIT SCHOOL for me, was a profound delivery system for up levelling. 

    Trina is on par with her training and the delivery of her content, is unparalleled. 

    Everything from the music, to meditations to a yoga or pilates class. 

    Her unwavering knowledge of how to interpret messages and their meanings is endless. 

    She always made the time for shifts, questions or just an ear to listen while tears and or anger was flowing. 

    I am forever grateful for her sharing her teachings with me and showing me how to reconnect with myself. 

    You are all that and more!!!

    Blessed Be Sister, Much love,


    Client Experiences From Our Latest Event

    Awesome event. So well planned Trina. So much talent and knowledge to share made fun. It was a great time, awesome food and comradery....All the good stuff packed into such a short time. The yoga and meditations were so good. Loved the mix and mingle, and the hike was phenomenal. The Beaton Hills are so beautiful. The night of wine and song around the campfire was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Its been years since I have heard someone play the spoons What fun! Well done!
    Louise Mohr
    Today I stand in Appreciation for this day, Beautiful Green Lawns, Delicious Green Smoothies, Friendly Visits, Beautiful & Thoughtful Gifts! <3 <3 <3

    What My Clients are saying:

    Trina was very encouraging and made sure my technique was correct. She always changed the type of exercises she did in her classes - no two classes were ever the same! I can't believe that only working out for a few hours per week can change the body and let it become stronger, but it does when you have an instructor like Trina!
    Thanks so much Trina!
    I've had a lot of fun with your Get Your Sexy Back 6 Week Challenge! Trina has helped me with Nutrition, yoga and motivated me to fit workouts into my busy schedule, as I don't have time to go to a gym. The results have been weight loss!
    Workout complete and feeling good.
    Hit top of goal weight today 👍🏻
    Great Program!
    Trina is a super motivator!!
    Loving the yoga!
    So hard but so relaxing!
    Amazing combo!

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